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Sunshine of your love- Cream

Eric Clapton - Sunshine of your Love (Guitar Chords) Intro: D D C D A Ab G D-F-D D D C D A Ab G D-F-D D D C D A Ab G D-F-D It's getting near dawn, D D C D A Ab G D-F-D when lights close their tired eyes. D D C D A Ab G D-F-D I'll be with you soon, my love, D D C D A Ab G D-F-D to give

Rape Me – Nirvana

Photograph – Ed Sheeran

Letra y acordes: E C#m B9 A9 E Loving can hurt C#m Loving can hurt sometimes B9 But it's the only thing A9 that I know E When it gets hard you know it can C#m get hard sometimes B9 it is the only thing that A9 makes us feel alive C#m We keep this love in A9 a photograph E We made thes

Wish you were here – Pink Floyd

  G C D So, so you think you can tell Am G D heaven from hell, blue sky from pain. Can you tell a green field, from a C Am G cold steel rail, a smile from a vail? Do you think you can tell? C D Am Did they get you trade, your heros for ghosts, hot ashes for trees, hot air G D C A

Under pressure – Queen / Nivel Iniciacion- Intermedio

[Figure 1] – Bass Line for guitar played with alternating clap to snap (do this with feet if you do not have four hands) E———————————–| B——————————